Thursday, 28 March 2013

what ARE you playing at?

Yes Beth, what are you playing at? Where has your blogging gone and why haven't there been any new posts recently? Well, I can't even give you an answer to that because everything seems to have come at once this past week and it's just been manic!

Yesterday was my last day before breaking up for Easter so the past 3 days were pretty busy but Monday was also the deadline for a huge project (EPQ for anyone interested - don't worry, it's not the external deadline, just my school's internal one!) which meant all last week, any spare time I got, was doing that. Therefore, unfortunately, my blog got pushed to one side. HOWEVER, I am now off for 2 whole weeks (and a bit extra) so I'll fingers crossed, hopefully be blogging everyday!

I do have a list of things I want to blog about so I do have a structure and so I'm just hoping it all goes to plan! I'm sorry this isn't a proper post but I just thought I'd let you know where I've been and what my plans are! Proper blogging will continue tomorrow!

Although today was the first full day of my Easter holidays, I've actually not done that much. I had a nice lie in and then I went to the gym with my mum which always puts me in a better mood. It just allows me to 'escape' for a bit and let me think about things/think things through. It's just great! Then this afternoon I've had a huge 'overhaul' of my bedroom and study which has made me feel so good. I've chucked a load of things out and it's all just so organised and tidy now! I'm now just watching The Big Reunion on ITV2 (been LOVING this show) and I'm trying to rope a friend into going to their Christmas tour with me!

But that's all for now so I'll love you and leave you and post properly tomorrow! I hope everyone's been okay whilst I've been away from blogging! :) 

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