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So I know I went to New York in October last year (!!!) but I have only just got round to taking photo's of all the things that I bought whilst I was there. I was going to do this in two parts with two posts - 1 being on the food (mainly sweets and chocolate) that I bought there and 1 on the actual, material items I got but I don't think I'm going to post the food one. I mean, I have the pictures for it but it's just I've practically eaten everything and it probably wouldn't be that interesting to others. However, if you do want to see it, do let me know! :) But anyway, on to the pictures (there is a lot but i did save up a lot for this trip so i could treat myself)!

The first thing I wanted to show you was my new iPhone case. Obviously it's not that new now but I put it on as soon as I bought it and I'm still using it now. I thought it was the best design out of all the ones I saw and thought it was pretty plain and simple. I really like the grungy look (although a lot of people have questioned whether i've made it that dirty - for clarification, i haven't!) and it contrasts nicely with my white phone. It's starting to show a few 'cuts' where the design is chipping off but it's not noticeable and I still love it. The stall that I got it from was actually in a park (the park begins with B and is near 5th Avenue but i've completely forgotten it's name, sorry!) and the gentlemen were so lovely and even showed me how to put it on/take it off with ease and without struggling. I also really love the quote on the back of the packaging!

Now I didn't really fancy getting one of the 'I [heart] NY' t-shirts as they just seem a little 'done' and a bit tacky for me so I opted for these instead as they're just cute. My mum actually bought these so we had something to do whilst we waited at the airport for our flight. Safe to say it's a good job we did as we did actually have a bit of a wait... 

Now I know I said I wasn't going to show any food items but I wanted to show the tin mainly as I'll definitely be keeping it (and to be honest, the raisins got devoured on the flight home...). It's such a cool tin and really shows off the best of New York. I think I'll use it to keep pens or maybe make up brushes in. Who knows? :)

Also during our wait at the airport I decided to take a browse at the beauty section of Duty Free (it was pretty bad if i'm honest but ah well) and managed to spot an OPI stand. I don't actually own any full size OPI bottles as I struggle to find them in any stores in the UK and never take the plunge to order them offline. Therefore I seized the opportunity to treat myself (well my mum treated me...) to 3 colours from the New York City Ballet collection (i felt it fitted with the trip...). The three colours I chose were (from left to right): 'My Pointe Exactly', 'Care To Danse?' and 'You Callin' Me A Lyre?'. I was so happy when I got them and I can't wait to try them out! Obviously there will be reviews!

Another little treat was this Lancome foundation. Whilst I was away I realised my usual liquid foundation (No7 Stay Perfect) was running low and thought that Duty Free was a good opportunity to check out a new one. I decided to opt for something more 'high end' than a high street brand. Unfortunately the choices in the store weren't too brilliant but I settled for this one and I am loving it! I've been using it for about a month now so I've had plenty of time to use it and there will be a review heading your way shortly!

The final beauty item I got from the New York duty free was this perfume - Prada Candy. This is a perfume I'd been lusting after a while. I really love the advert and the bottle is so simple and classy (i'm always a sucker for the bottle!). I remember liking the scent when I tested it in the store but I can't quite remember it now. I definitely think I'll be keeping you updated on my thoughts though!

Now this is where you will see my love for perfume bottles become extremely obvious. Nina Ricci perfume bottles are just beautiful and this one is no exception. It's safe to say I fell in love at first sight (probably not the best thing and i think my other sense of scent should have come into play but nevermind ;) ). I have all the 'apple' shaped perfumes (i.e. all the scents in the apple shaped bottles) so I couldn't wait to add this one to my collection! I had 4 before this and this is my 5th so I think I'll have to do a little 'Nina Ricci Perfume' haul!

More OPI nail products! My mum is obsessed with keeping her nails looking perfect (with and without nail varnish) so when we popped into the supermarket whilst we were there, it was no surprise she went to check out the nail products. However, I'm glad she did as I spotted these whilst we were there. I think the names obviously give away what they do but I think I might do a post on them and whether I recommend them or not?

If you didn't know, New York is host to one of the M&M World's situated globally (i believe there is one in London if you'd like to pay a visit to one closer to home) and whilst I obviously bought a lot of chocolate (too much! i'm still going through my M&M's and unfortunately, i've realised i'm not that big of a fan...), I also spotted these. I know they may not be to everyone's taste but they are honestly so so so comfy and warm and great to snuggle up in. I didn't actually spot these until our second trip there (okay, we went in twice because nothing else was open due to the storm - we're not chocolate obsessives!) but I'm glad I did as I just love to wear them around the house when I'm having a lazy day!

Again, I said no chocolate but I just wanted to quickly urge everyone to run to your nearest source of Godiva chocolate and buy a tin of these beauties. They are so yummy and you will honestly inhale every one of them in one sitting.

When my mum and I finally got to go to the top of the Rockefeller centre I just knew I couldn't leave without a souvenir and this was my choice. Whilst I don't usually drink out of mugs I thought it was really classic and the picture is so famous. I think I'll just place it on my desk to glance at every now and then to reminisce of my trip to New York (and instantly wish i was back there...).

Now I know we can get Swatch watches in England but I rarely every go watch shopping and my mum did actually want to go into the Swatch store to buy herself a new watch. Anyway, whilst she was speaking to the sales assistant I had a little wander around and found myself at the kid's section, typically. Anyway, some temptation happened and by the end of the Swatch watch store trip I had 3 new watches, 2 of which had Disney princess' on them. I do not actually regret my decision and I absolutely love them (even if they are meant for children and so a little small on my wrists...).

Another souvenir cup?! Oh wow. This one is, instead, from the Empire State Building and it's something I'm more like to use. Okay it looks like the cups you get from a fast food restaurant but I like it and think it's a little 'snazzy'. I also got a lollipop shaped like the Empire State Building which I am too reluctant to eat as I don't want the pattern to go. 

Here are some more pyjama bottoms. These were in fact from one of those souvenir stores that line the streets of New York but I was tempted in numerous times and bought far too much from them. Anyway, these bottoms are much thinner than the M&M ones but still comfy none the less!

I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of these lipbalms or seen a variation of them before? I think they're so cool and I can't wait to open them! I know there's an English brand that do something like these (Emma has reviewed them on her blog before so maybe check on there for details if you're interested) but I wanted to try out the originals! I think they're going to be weird at first but I can't wait to whip them out in front of my friends and see what they say!

I'm not sure these tops need much explaining? I think the NYPD one is a top that most people get when they go to New York (other than the 'I [heart] NY' one) as it's quite iconic. But whilst I was in the same store, I spotted the FDNY one (for the New York Fire Department) and the CSI one (for Crime Scene Investigation - it actually says this on the back which is so cool!). I thought they were interesting and decided to get them all. I think my inner CSI geek tempted me to get that one (although i did embarrissingly ask out loud what 'CSI' stood for as i'd forgotten for an American teenager to over hear and explain to me - little bit awkward...) and the FDNY was just one that I'd never seen before so I thought, why not?

This is my favourite thing from the trip as it's so simple and I've been looking for a jumper like this for ages. I honestly don't know what more to say about it apart from I love it, it's comfy and I've worn it so much since I got back.

I think I mentioned in my actual New York post that I went to the Hard Rock Cafe there and it's sort of a tradition in our family to get t-shirts from all the Hard Rock Cafe's we go to so I sort of had to buy this ;)

Another favourite item of mine for the trip. I don't actually wear it as much as I'd expected but doing this post has reminded me that it exists so maybe I'll wear it next time I'm going for a casual outfit...

On the first day of the trip, aside from just wandering around aimlessly, my mum and I headed into the Levi's store. I've always wanted a pair of jeans from Levi's as they're just so iconic and they're a pair that would last you forever as the denim is just such great quality. But, unfortunately, as it was the only shop that was really open on that day, it was crammed and trying on a pair of jeans was just not an option. Instead I decided to look at the other clothes (that i didn't even know they had) and left with a t-shirt, a jumper and a denim jacket (which isn't pictured as it was just too big to take a photo of when i'm not wearing it but i absolutely adore it and i rarely take it off! - i'm so glad i got it as a denim jacket is such a classic and simple piece of clothing!). The t-shirt, again, is a souvenir-y type thing and I thought it was such a cool idea. The jumper, on the other hand, couldn't be more simple. It's just a plain, cosy male jumper in a really lovely teal colour.

Now this final item is something that I had completely forgotten about until I took the pictures this afternoon - how bad is that?! - it's been sitting in the bottom of the bag in my room for months and I didn't even know it was there! I'm so glad I found it again as it's so cute and obviously there's more chocolate! ;)

Wow... I have to admit I'd forgotten I'd bought most of this stuff which is really bad but I'm glad I did this post as it's reminded me of everything and it was sort of like buying it all over again. I haven't put prices as I don't know them and they'd have all been in dollars anyway. But I hope you enjoyed this post and if you ever get the chance to go to New York/America, I hope this has given you an idea of the sorts of things you can treat yourself too!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll post again soon! :)

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