Friday, 26 July 2013


As usual with these boxes, I leave it until months after receiving them to actual post about them. I end up forgetting what's in them and I'm surprised (again) by what I've ordered. This time I seem to have ordered a whole load of creams for different things. Some are from a brand I've never heard of and the others are from a pretty well known French brand.

So Caudalie is the big French brand that I've heard of and it's one that I'm really keen to try so any chance there is to give their products a go as a sample, I go for it! Now these samples are teeny tiny but they should give me a good idea of what the products are like! I have the Premier Cru The Cream and the Premier Cru The Eye Cream and seen as I've left it so long to write about them, I've actually forgotten what they're for but after a quick google, the Caudalie website says that they are the 'ultimate anti-aging' products. Now as an 18 year old, anti-aging is hardly the top of my agenda but the creams promise to hydrate, regenerate and restore and personally, I feel that all ages need this for their skin. Also, I don't actually use any eye cream and never have done. I'm lucky in that I don't suffer with dark under eye circles or big under eye bags. However, some days, my eyes do feel especially dry and some mornings I can wake up with very puffy eyelids. Therefore, I think this would be nice for those times when my eyes need a little extra special care.

The next four packets are from the brand Belnatur and I've never actually heard of them but these creams sound very interesting. The little blue cream is a regenerating oxygenating cream. I don't actually know what it means by an oxygenating cream but the regenerating part sounds lovely. The purple cream is a hydro-nourishing comfort cream (bit of a mouthful!) and I'm taking it that it promises to hydrate and nourish at the same time. To me, this sounds like the perfect cream to use during a pamper session, when you've just used a face mask and your freshly washed face needs a little nourishment. Or perhaps when it feels a bit dull (most of the time for me!). The final (two) creams are the balancing cream for combination cream. I actually consider myself to just have oily skin but most of my foundations tend to be for normal/combination skin so I doubt this will do any harm and there's nothing wrong with a little balance in life!

Quite a short post this time as I only had two brands worth of products in this box but I'm super excited to try all these creams and give my skin a real treat! I'm happy that I've picked creams that will do a range of different things and I'll be sure to report back if I find anything good!

I was planning to do this post yesterday but I just wasn't in the mood and did end up running out of time in the evening unfortunately. Yesterday was pretty average and I just popped to the gym (i've been everyday this week - super proud of myself!) before treating myself to a new diary. It's really pretty and I really enjoyed filling it in yesterday (anybody else's favourite thing to do? no? just me then...). Today I went to the gym again before being treated to a wonderful facial at the beauty zone at my gym. It was so relaxing and my skin still feels super smooth even now! 

I've just finished watching Mamma Mia which is possibly one of my favourite films and I enjoyed belting out all the songs at the top of my voice! I'm now watching Celebrity Juice and off to order another load of samples from Latest In Beauty! 

Hoping everyone's had a lovely day and enjoying the fact it is now the weekend. My parents are super happy as they now no longer have to do anymore work before our holiday on Monday! Hopefully another post tomorrow so I'll see you then! :)

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