Sunday, 7 October 2012

sunday sum up DOUBLE: weeks 4 & 5

funny edits of the queen/cheeky card off my dad/birthday girl!/cute little present off my psychology teacher/really cool and unique stamp off my grandma (she always has the best ones)/toby destroying my cards and being jealous of the attention not on him/tiffany earrings off my mum!/and a matching tiffany ring (they are incredible!)/eeek, a cambridge satchel/birthday dinner at pizza express/yummy dough balls/pizza american (my favourite)/18 years later and i still have caterpillar cakes/the most beautiful bag in the world/my 'hang out' whilst i was feeling ill and felt like i was about to vomit every 5 minutes/cute birthday cards off friends/watching creepy 'make up tutorials' in my free.../sore throats and chesty coughs do have a few positives/'hey i just met you and this is loco but here's four candies you go glen coco' - gimme this vest!/movie night with my dad (we only watched diary of a wimpy kid 1+2.../birthday card off my brownies - i love them!/bracelet making at brownies/sparkly fun/surprisingly beautiful day (shame i was at home, ill)/nap time with bubba/mcdonald's trip in my pyjamas/getting a happy meal for the toys/going out for dinner/more doughballs!/yummy scrummy food/procrastinating on my epq/mac cusp of dawn lipstick (post coming up this week!)

Hello one and all! I was set to do a post yesterday on the MAC lipstick I got when I went on holiday in summer but unfortunately my laptop decided to do whatever the hell it wanted and time just got the better of me. But ah well, here's a lovely picture post and sum up for you all! I don't know why but I just really enjoy looking through people's Instagram posts and LOVE reading lifestyle blogs. I guess I'm just a nosey person but I like to think of it more as me being inspired by bloggers...

I mentioned in my last post that on Friday night I was going out for dinner. It was a really lovely evening and was so nice to catch up with my friend (who i said was ill and hasn't been in school recently). I really don't realise how much I miss certain people until I see them after a long period of time. This certain friend has been one of my closest since I was at nursery and her family is like my second one so having a good old chat with her mum was lovely too. My parents and I went back to their house afterwards and I ended up falling asleep (being constantly exhausted is so hard at the moment) but my friend was so lovely and said she didn't mind (she knows exactly how i feel).

Yesterday was spent working. Like literally all day. I worked on my history coursework, EPQ and did some biology revision. It felt like a really productive day which is always a great feeling. I also tested out some shampoo and conditioner in my shower which I'm going to be reviewing on here this week (fingers crossed!). Last night I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and whilst it's an oldie (and EXTREMELY cringey), I still love it. I hadn't watched it in ages as my friend had borrowed my DVD but I got it back last week and have watched it so many times since then.

Today I was at work. It was a surprisingly good shift and went pretty quickly which is always a good thing. I don't know why but I always dread going to work and most of the time it's not that bad but I just wish I didn't have to work and money was just readily available for me for nothing (in my dreamz eh?). Just finished watching X Men: First Class, another brilliant movie I must add, and am now probably going to watch Angus, Thongs again (no regrets) whilst I finish this blogpost.

Not much this week, obviously, as I'm at school. But on Friday afternoon I've got a double free so I'm going to go into Manchester for a shop for clothes for New York. My mum keeps saying that I shouldn't buy too much as obviously we'll shop when we're there but I just love having opportunities to go out for a big shop! Going to pop into Primark as I have never, in my 18 years of existence, gone for a good look & browse in there and I just think that there must be some hidden gems for me to find! Also thinking of going to H&M, New Look, River Island and maybe Topshop (but everything's just so expensive in there at the moment!). Hollister and Jack Wills may be on the list too as I have some gift cards from previous birthdays/Christmas' that I've just never spent and need to be used ASAP! On Sunday, as well, I'm going to the zoo! It's Chester Zoo to be specific and I'm going because two of my oldest friends 'bought' me the trip for my 18th so we can go and check out the dinosaur exhibition (i just love them! palaeontologist at heart!). But we'll obviously look at the other animals too (i really want to go to the aquarium and to see the big cats!).

That's all for now and I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend (they go so quickly nowadays...). Also hope you have a much more exciting week than I do! I planned what blogposts I wanted to do this week last night and unfortunately didn't have time to photograph the necessary things this morning when it was light (when i get home from work it's just too dark to even consider taking photographs) as I was trying to get Glastonbury tickets. Didn't manage to get them (bummer) but hoping to try again when more are released in April. That's all for now so I'll leave you all be!

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