Wednesday, 17 October 2012

charles worthington daily defence shampoo and conditoner

Hello one and all! Here is another shampoo and conditioner post for you! This time it is on some Charles Worthington products and unfortunately, it's not as happy a review as my Tresemme one... As I mentioned in that post, I wasn't really that interested in haircare but finally decided once and for all to get my act together and properly look at hair products. This specific duo were to be my 'everyday' type shampoo and conditioner with the hope that they would make my hair look great in the short term but repair it in the long term. Unfortunately it's pretty 'meh' at the moment but read on for my full views!

the lovely smudge/stain/mess on the top of the left bottle is because it leaked in my bag - fab right?

     I can remember hearing about Charles Worthington from a very young age and always thought it was this big, posh brand that would make my hair wonderful. Therefore, when I got into blogging and I got more interested in trying out different products, it was the perfect opportunity to give these a go. I absolutely love the packaging, I don't know why, but it just feels really expensive. The shampoo is a sort of clear/murky colour (not dirty, just a sort of light grey) which isn't something I'd choose for the perfect shampoo colour (clear would have been better) but obviously it's not that big of a deal as it lathers into a white foam. I'm personally not that keen on the smell as it's a bit different to your normal clean scent and as I mentioned in a caption on one of the photo's, it did leak in my bag so I did get a big whiff of it. However, saying this, my hair does smell really nice after it's been washed with this (like the 'freshly washed' hair smell which i love) and remains like that the day after too. Unfortunately during my first use of the shampoo, it didn't lather that well at all (much worse than the Tresemee stuff) and my hair formed sort of dreadlocks - it basically became ratty strings of knots (lovely thought, yes?). Rinsing it out didn't really do anything either and it just felt more tangled (making me dread the brushing afterwards...). Conditioner was overall okay but didn't help at all with the whole detangling thing which is what I use conditioners for mainly. I followed the instructions which didn't mention leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing so maybe that was something I should have done (i did give it a go on a later wash though and it didn't really do anything). After I'd got out of the shower, my hair didn't feel particularly soft but it was relatively easy to brush which was a bit of a shock. In conclusion after my first use of these items, they didn't produce the best results and I've definitely had better experiences with other items (especially other conditioners). I was overall not that impressed and these items were more expensive than the Tresemme ones (sorry, i've forgotten the price exactly but i'm sure you can check it on the boots website!) so I did expect them to be better. However, I was disappointed and would pick the cheaper Tresemme items over these any day. In my notebook, after my first use, I wrote 'obviously no instant results yet' but I have seen something! My hair is a lot softer at the ends which is brilliant but I haven't really noticed anything with the colour so far. The second time I used the shampoo, it lathered a bit easier but was still not as luxurious  as others. I think it was mainly because I used more product which is disappointing as instead of the product making it better, it was the amount. I also noticed on my second time that the conditioner bottle doesn't seem to give much out. I don't know whether it's just my bottle as the shampoo one is fine but who knows? Third use, shampoo lathered EVEN better but still not as great as the Tresemme stuff. However, I've managed to conclude that it is when I use more product that I get a better lather (brill...). And another negative point is that I may be having an allergic reaction to it. I'm thinking this as the back of my head is insanely itchy (so much so that my head starts to bleed i itch that much - reading this i realise it makes me sound like i've got nits, please know that i don't!) after using these items. It may be because I don't wash them out properly but I wash it out the same amount as all my other conditioners so I'll just have to wait and see I guess. Finally, I just washed my hair with this pair before writing this post and it lathered surprisingly well and detangled well too. (hope you enjoyed the numerous thoughts from the different times i used them!)

Final thoughts are that it is an overall on and off product. I'm not that happy with it and will be getting something different after this. There is always a possibility of trying different CW products in the future but not soon I don't think.


  1. I'm about to go for an early night in bed as I have been so shattered recently. I'm so excited about it as I love sleep and wish I could have earlier nights more often but work just takes over all the time!
  2. Nothing interesting happened on Monday or yesterday apart from my school's Jazz night last night which was a really lovely evening actually. It was raising money for a good cause (not going to go into too much detail for privacy reasons) and I'm glad I could be a part of it even though I was dreading it!
  3. Only working for 5 hours this weekend so will have plenty of chance to post which is brilliant! 
  4. And now I have nothing else to say so I am off to bed! Hope you've all had a lovely past few days and the rest of your week is great.

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