Wednesday, 7 December 2011

clothes show live

As usual, there's going to be an apology at the start of this post because of my lack of posts. And I know everyone's like 'you should only blog when you want to blah blah blah' but I feel that people will end up unfollowing my blog if I don't post more often so I'm trying really hard to get more posts done but I've got a lot going on at the moment and all my teachers are piling on the work so it's very hard to find a spare moment to take pictures of things and then find the motivation to write a blog post but I've only really got about 2 weeks left of school before the Christmas holidays so there will be more coming guys! Just bare with me!

Now I'm sure most of you know that last weekend and the past few days have been Clothes Show Live. I went last year and absolutely loved it so knew that I'd have to go again this year. I went with a different group of friends this time and it was very different to last year but still enjoyable! I'm going to put some pictures in the post now so you can see some of the things I got up too!

this is the view from my seat and as you can see, my friends and i were not actually that far away. last year i was on the front row so obviously these seats were not as good but i'm definitely not complaining!

george lamb and the winner of britain's next top model (i don't watch it so i don't know her name but grace rings a bell?)

the only way is essex stars (arg and maria) and the hollyoaks stars (lynsey and darren)

we had a lovely performance off the risk too!

my favourite model. nom nom nom.

we also had a performance from her majesty and the wolves (i didn't realise but kimberely wyatt is the singer which was such a good surprise!) and i really love them but they didn't do my favourite song which was sad but a good performance anyway!

my friends pippa & vicky and i with the band FranKo. the one to my right is, in fact, dave the laugh from the film angus, thongs and perfect snogging!

The day started early and meant getting a tram in the freezing cold (obviously i didn't dress appropriately, i never do...) into Manchester. As always, my friends and I had to run for our train (i'm not even joking, this has happened the past three times we've gotten a train) which led to a major stress out but we got there on time and found that we were, unexpectedly, all sitting together which was lovely as we thought we were all going to be split up. Relatively quick train journey with lots of laughs and gossiping and when we arrived I think the excitement really kicked in. We clambered (quite literally) off the train and through the corridors (is that what you'd even call them?) of the Birmingham NEC to the big halls where all the stalls were and where the show was being held. Like last year, I got the platinum ticket which meant a 'goodie bag' (got to love freebies) and I'll include the contents of it in my haul post coming up on Friday, hopefully. Anyway, after we got that we went into the main hall, stopped to watch FranKo's performance, had a quick toilet trip and then went to our show!

The theme of this year's show was A Night At The Deparment Store and it was incredible! Not only do the model's walk down the catwalk showing lovely outfits that I can only dream of pulling off, they also dance as well which really adds to the whole performance. They're not just regular dancers either, they're amazing! They really work hard as well as they must put on about 3 shows every day and the whole event lasts for 5 days so that's 15 shows with some pretty hardcore dance routines. Kudos to them! I've not included all the pictures I took of the show, only my favourites as I didn't want the post to be too picture heavy.

After the catwalk show, my friends and I went shopping which was definitely the best bit! I'm not going to tell you everything I bought as I'm going to do a whole other post on everything for you guys so be excited about that! We shopped for almost the whole afternoon (a grand total of 6 hours i think) which was definitely exhausting! Also during the afternoon, we met the band FranKo twice which was fun and each time I was my lovely, awkward self and managed embarrassed myself in front of the boys. Always a good thing. We also spent some time at one of the dance stages watching some groups of dancers. Some of them were incredible and I so wish I could dance like them but others were just not as good and I just felt awkward standing there. Just over an hour was spent sitting down and regathering strength as one my friends, Lydia, felt ill (as did i later on in the day along with our other friend Amy - coincidentally we all ate the same chicken nuggets at lunch...). Before we left to get the train back home we did have a go on the Xbox Kinect that was available which was fun and a nice way to end.

HOWEVER, the day only got worse from there on. I started getting a headache towards the end of the afternoon but thought nothing of it, assuming it would go but it didn't. I was fine for the first half of the train ride but then a migraine started kicking in and I knew I just had to get home. But it wasn't going to be that easy, was it? Oh no. A girl had to steal one of my bag's didn't she? Last year I'd found a new make up brand called Jelly Pong Pong at the Clothes Show and fell in love! This year, I planned to go back and they had the most amazing deal going on; a goodie bag full of great make up for £5! Anyway, when I was having a nap on the train, I must have kicked the bag (which was quite small) under the chair in front of me. So as I was gathering up my stuff to get off the train I realised that it wasn't there and the 4 girls in front of me had left the train too. Was I suspicious? Just a little. Anyway, I told my friend's and a lady who was sitting where the girls were sat, overheard and leant over. It turns out that she had seen the bag and thought it belonged to one of the girls so called them back, asked if it was theirs and they took it. My friend Pippa later told me that apparently the girls realised that it wasn't theirs when they were stood on the platform of the train station but just laughed it off and didn't seem to care. Anyway, because I was feeling really ill and because it was only £5, I wasn't too upset and it wasn't like losing the make up was life threatening. It was just an annoying situation. As we were about to leave the train, however, the woman who had overheard me before came up to me and offered me £10 to make up for the fact that the girl had stole my bag. I literally couldn't believe she was doing this because it was in no way her fault for the girl taking my bag and I was definitely not going to blame her for what happened. I told her I couldn't take the money off her but she wouldn't listen to me, stuffed the money in my bag and ran off! I'm still in shock right now to be honest! She was such a lovely woman and I still don't blame her for what happened but it's completely restored my faith in the belief that there are nice people in the world! Back to the story though! We went to get the tram and I really started to feel sick and I had a bad feeling that I was going to puke any time soon. I was completely dreading the tram journey home and when we finally got on the tram, my stomach was just being thrown about everywhere. Luckily I wasn't sick but I definitely had a migraine and my dad did pick me up when I got back to the tram station and I just went home to sleep it off. The next morning, I was right as rain which was brilliant!

So unfortunately it was a bad end to a great day but I really did have an amazing day apart from feeling ill and I completely recommend people to go to Clothes Show Live next year! There are so many bargains and it's so enjoyable! There's even plenty of things for boys to do too!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I do have more posts in line for you! I'm also thinking of starting another feature type post (yes, it's one of those again but this one will hopefully last longer than the others!) so expect that to come too. I hope everyone's had a good week as well and everyone is well! I'm off to watch a double bill of Come Fly With Me and to read a bit of The Great Gatsby for my English Literature class so I hope you all have a good evening too!


  1. i wanted to go to the clothes show so bad this year! really jealous :(
    p.s the woman with george lamb is grace woodward, she's a stylist and a judge on britains next top model :) xx

  2. Ahh, I really wanted to go to the Clothes Show! It looks really good :)

  3. looks like a great show xxxxx

  4. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from This Is Transition if you'd like to check it out. :)

  5. this is incred, love the photodiary :D
    looks like it was an epic event!! i wish i was there.
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  6. Loved your photos! looks great. So gutted i didnt go this year! I went to Britains next top model instead. xx

  7. lokks like a great show as always x


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