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clothes show live haul

Well. I think this is the longest time I've not been blogging for and I'm not even going to try to explain why I've not been blogging. There are too many reasons (mostly to do with school) and I've just had NO time to do anything blog related. I've only just caught up on reading all the blogs I follow! I still have 2 more days left of school (i think my school is the last to break up. yay...) so there will be a lot of posts coming up! Today was the last day of lessons so I'm much more relaxed now so I can actually take time on this post. I do actually have a really big list of all the things I'd like to blog about! So I should have a post every night/day for the next two weeks (HOPEFULLY!) until I go back to school.

I'd also just like to point out that these pictures were taken in groups on like 3 different days so the lighting will be different as the post goes on but I hope you don't mind!

This was the goodie bag I got with my platinum ticket, eee. 

With the platinum ticket, also, came a lanyard full of discount codes, information about models/celebrities/performers etc and a map of where all the stalls were which came in VERY useful when my friends and I lost each other numerous times during the day...

We got a t-shirt as part of the goodie bag too but it's aged 9-11? Seriously, why would you make t-shirts for children of this age when most of the people that attend Clothes Show are about 15 years upwards? I think it may fit me but it will definitely only be worn around the house...

These are all the contents of my goodie bag. Obviously not the most amazing products in the world but I think I may get a use out of a few things. From the top left to the bottom right:
  1. Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream. It's for dry & sensitive skin and I actually have quite oily skin so I may give it a go but will probably look out for one that's more suited to my skin type.
  2. Oral B Pro expert Antibacterial & Fluoride Toothpaste. Who doesn't need toothpaste? I actually went to a party on Saturday and left my washbag at the host's house so if I hadn't of had my extra tubes of 'special' toothpaste, this would have been very useful!
  3. Nescafe Original 3 in 1. I'm not a coffee drinker so I think this will go to my rentals or I'll just pass it off to someone at school.
  4. 2 x Nivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion + Anti - Wrinkle Cream. Now this lotion sounds great! Unlike my face, the rest of my body has normal to dry skin so I will definitely be giving this ago. Not sure about the anti-wrinkle cream as obviously I'm a bit young to worry about wrinkles so may give it to my mum or something.
  5. Ricola Original Swiss Herb Drops. Not going to even open these. They look pretty disgusting and I'm not tempted by them at all.
  6. Oat So Simple Indulgent White Chocolate & Raspberry. I have never in my life tried porridge but it is supposed to be great for a breakfast cereal so this may be the perfect opportunity to give it a go!
  7. Velvet Soft Soft Soft Tissues. Like the toothpaste, who doesn't need tissues? 
  8. (i've already used these nails and didn't write down the name before i threw the packet away. i really enjoyed putting the nails on and they looked lovely but they just didn't last very long at all. by the end of the party i was at on saturday, i'd given up and pulled them all off. it has made me want to invest in some quality fake nails though)
  9. Raisin Oats & More. My friend says these are really nice so when my beloved Coco Pops run out, I'll have a taste!
  10. Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner. I'm always looking for new hair products so I think I'll see if there's a shampoo to go with it and then give them a go!
  11. Snack A Jacks Crunch Curls: Cheeky Chutney Flavour. I'm not even going to bother with these and I'm going to throw them away instantly. They sound absolutely vile.

Went to the Cosmopolitan and Company stand where I got both magazines and another little goodie bag for only £3! It was an absolute bargain! I can't wait to read the magazines and the goodie bag contained:
  1. Lightly Carbonated Neuro Bliss Mood Enhancement Drink. This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever been given. When I first pulled it out the bag, I was thought "I definitely won't be drinking that" and thought it looked like baby milk. However, there was a point in the day when my friend and I were just desperate for a drink so decided to try it. Oh how we were pleasantly surprised. It has the strangest taste but is a bit like lemonade. I wouldn't drink it out of choice but it can be tolerated. I believe there are other flavours so I may give them a go instead.
  2. Missguided Lipsplash in Missled. I was very happy with this product. I LOVE Missguided cosmetic products so I can't wait to wear this one day. It's a lovely nude shade and I think would go with anything. I'm thinking Christmas Day will be the perfect opportunity!
  3. The Body Shop Gift Card. Unfortunately this ran out on the 12th of December so I can't use it! It's a real shame because I really love Body Shop products. Wish I'd got my act together sooner and had a chance to use it!
  4. Kleenex Balsam Tissues. Will always come in useful!
  5. Loreal Youth Code (not sure if that's the full name...). I think this is another product I'll give to my mum so I hope she likes it if I do give it to her!

This is definitely my most favourite and most exciting purchase from the day! Models Own had an offer where you chose 3 products for £10 and got a huge goodie bag full of other products! I honestly couldn't turn it down and it took me quite a while to pick just 3 products... In the end I picked 3 nail products; a mini black WAH nails nail art pen which I can't wait to have a play with, Beth's Blue (i've been after this product for so long! purely because it has my name in it...) and Smash Up Gold.

These were all the products I got in my goodie bag. I will be doing a whole post on all these Models Own products so if you can't see these products too well in this picture then just wait for another post.
  1. Powder Eyeshadow in Neon Blue
  2. Powder Eyeshadow in Graphite Grey
  3. Hi-Definer Grow-Fast Mascara in Black
  4. Kohl Neon Eyeliner Pencil in Neon Orange
  5. Kohl Neon Eyeliner Pencil in Neon Green
  6. Glitter Eye Pencil in Purple Princess
  7. ShapeIt BuffIt
  8. Lipgloss in Red Hot
  9. Lip Balm in Ballet Pink
  10. Lip Balm in Red Hot
  11. Duo Eyeshadow in Green Mist
  12. Duo Eyeshadow in Woodland

Glossybox also had a stand at the show so I HAD to go and visit them. There were giving away the November box for £5 so I picked that up and they also gave me a code to get my first box (technically second box for me) for free so I definitely got back on the Glossybox bandwagon when I got home! I won't do a post on the whole November box as it would be a bit late and plenty of other people have done one so have a search around and I'm sure you'll find one! In my box I got the Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme, Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts, Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum, Monu Skin Perfector and Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps.

for some reason the picture uploads this way. on my computer it's the right way up but on blogger it's this way. sorry!

Another magazine stand was Elle so went buy there. It was the same sort of offer with the Cosmo & Company magazines. Two issues of Elle and a goodie bag for £3. The products I got with Elle were Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash (this smells delicious and i'm so excited to use it in my next bath!), Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss in Perfect Red (this is a GORGEOUS colour and i think it will make an appearance on Christmas Eve) and a £20 Kurt Geiger gift card (i didn't actually realise how much it was worth until just now so i'm pretty excited about it!).

During the day I managed to pick up lots of bits and bobs including the leaflets in the first picture and some magazines shown in the second picture.

a little blurry, my apologies.

And lastly was another lovely little addition that came with my Platinum ticket. I managed to get a free book (Daughters Of Fortune) which was great because I LOVE books and when I finally finish my everlasting book list reading list I will get onto it. Anyway, whilst at the Books And The City stand the ladies said if we filled out this form then we could get another book (Baby Be Mine) and yet another goodie bag (which was actually just 4 leaflets) so we definitely couldn't turn that offer down.

Well that was a long post! Phewph! I know it's about 3 weeks late but worth it I hope? Anyway, I'm off to finish watching Desperate Scousewives (guilty pleasure!) and remember guys, only 6 days until Christmas!

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  1. The clothes show is always a good day out, looks like you had a great time! x


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