Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my day off

So last Friday my school had a non pupil day which meant a lovely day off from school which was much needed. I had been planning to go into Manchester that day to go and purchase some winter jumpers from Primark that Emma spoke about in one of her posts (can't remember which one, sorry!) and some Topshop bracelets but then my friend Emma (a different one!) said she wanted to go in so a trip was planned!

So, unfortunately, I couldn't find any of the winter jumpers in Primark (although there were some lovely ones in the men's section that i wouldn't mind getting a few of!) so my friend Emma took me to this place just off the centre of Manchester called Ryan Vintage where you can get loads of second hand clothes for pretty reasonable prices. I got this jumper from there and it was only £10. Obviously I had to give it a wash (see if you can spot the lovely brown mark on the top row of white diamonds...) but it's definitely worth it because it's so cosy! Also, the design probably wasn't meant to be Christmassy but I get such a festive feel from the jumper and I have a feeling I'm going to be wearing it a lot this year! I've already planned on wearing it to Clothes Show Live on Sunday so look out for it in that post!

I first saw these bracelets on the Topshop website after they sent out a link on their Twitter account. Excited about both the cuteness of them and the price (£2?! yes please!) I added them to my basket and went to checkout. But oh no. Of course something would go wrong. For some reason, Topshop said that they couldn't deliver these to my country? Disappointed I just forgot about them and justified it with the fact I don't need any more bracelets. However, when I decided to go into Manchester I made sure to go to Topshop in order to pick these up. But I couldn't find them anywhere! I almost gave up hope until my friend Faye went to go and buy a pair of boots and I saw the bracelets on the counter! You wouldn't believe my happiness. With 2 of them at £2 each and a 10% student discount, I walked away extremely happy and only £3.60 poorer (some of which will go on to a charity!). The squirrel one is my favourite and so that was a definite. I also really liked the heart one but I did think the heart would be bigger. Don't get me wrong, I much prefer the heart this size but I just assumed it to be a big heart! There is a wishbone one but I wasn't interested as I'm not a big believer in luck 'enhancers', if that makes sense?

And the final thing I bought was a new piercing. If you don't know me very well you won't know that I'm slightly 'addicted' to piercings. In total I would love to have 10 ear piercings, a possible lip piercing and maybe my nosed pierced. It sounds crazy but I will try and make it tasteful. I currently have 6 ear piercings (4 on my right, 2 on my left) and on Friday I got my 6th one, my rook. At first I wanted to get a 3rd on my left ear but Emma persuaded me to get this one done and after not really thinking about it I just went for it. Honestly though, I was so nervous as I almost fainted with my other two cartilage ones but the man who did it was very nice and after a quick needle prick and a bit of fumbling, it was over and I felt hardly any pain. I'm really happy I've got it done even if it is a bit sore at this current moment and if anybody wants to get it done but is worried, do it! It's definitely worth it and it honestly doesn't hurt that much (about as much as an injection).

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say apart from I hope you enjoyed this post and that maybe I have inspired you to go out and buy some nice treats for yourself before the Christmas shopping season begins. I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself as I've already started my Christmas shopping - I've got 2 tickets for Strictly Come Dancing Live for my mum and whoever she wants to take (though it will probably be me going) and then possibly some tickets for a wine tasting show for my dad and mum. Not much but it's a start and I'm very happy with my early start!

How is everyone else doing with their Christmas shopping (if you've started)? And what does everybody want for themselves for Christmas? :)


  1. Those little bracelets are super cute. X

  2. Those bracelets are gorgeous! I might have to go and have a hunt around my local Topshop and see if they have any left, the squirrel one especially is really cute!


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