Wednesday, 23 November 2011

benefit carmella perfume

Well, I think a post is due! I meant to post at the weekend but I had so much going on that any spare time I did have, I just couldn't be bothered to make a post or I was too tired and then I was going to post yesterday but again, no time. However, I had a bit of time yesterday whilst I was just watching TV (after parent's evening - went well guys!) and thought I would start writing then and take the pictures today (hope that makes sense!).

I got this perfume, I think, last year for my birthday after I'd tried the 'Crescent Row' collection in my nearest Debenhams' store and Carmella was definitely my favourite out of all the fragrances. If you don't know, the collection consists of 7 different eau de toilettes (there were originally 6 but Bella was recently introduced. i also have Bella and when it is used up, i intend to do a post on it like this one) and, personally, I think this is such a great way to produce a fragrance line as you can keep adding to it with different names. Also, if you haven't had a chance, I'd go and take a look on the Debenhams' website as all the fragrances have a really different scent so I think there is something to suit everybody.

Carmella's 'full name' is So Hooked On Carmella and I mainly spray this at the start of the weekday (i have a different perfume for the weekends). It lasts me all day because it's quite a heavy and strong smell which is great because it means if I'm working or at school, I don't have to worry about topping it up during the day.

The website says So Hooked On Carmella features "top notes of lemon, grapefruit and rhubarb; middle notes cyclamen, peony and tiare flower; bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood and amber". For me, the vanilla just stands out so predominantly, it's unreal.

As well as loving the scent and concept of these fragrances, I really really love the packaging. Each perfume bottle comes in a little 'house' with gorgeous details on the outside of the box. To get inside, to the perfume, the roof must be lifted and the front 'flap' pulled down (essentially opening the front door) and inside is made to look like the inside of a room/house. The perfume has a little slot to stand in and if you pull it out, you can see the full effect of the detailed box. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it in my life and don't think anything could compete with it. I mean seriously, what other fragrance box is made to look like a house?

I really can't rave enough about this perfume and after I've finished my Bella perfume, I can't wait to buy another in the range! I could definitely see myself building up a collection here...


  1. I think it smells lovely! I wasn't too keen on the packaging at first but I think its grown on me :)

  2. Love the house detailing, it's so cute. I usually wear heavier scents in the day to last longer as well - currently rocking a bit of Dior's Poison.

  3. i love these perfumes!
    nice blog!

  4. How adorable! love your blog too! the background is great!


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