Friday, 4 November 2011


Another little concert post for you guys. On Monday (halloween!) I went to the MEN Arena to see Katy Perry. She was incredible! Like honestly, she puts on such an amazing show.

So Monday night was a lot more stressful than Jessie J but was still incredible! Anyway we got the tram to Victoria and then headed into the arena. Luckily, we were seated so it wasn't like we had to rush in to get a good place. Our seats were in the Gods which isn't the best seat in the house but I definitely wasn't complaining as Amy (my friend) got the tickets at such a good price at such a late date. As we were heading to our seats, the lights switched off and the support act came on. Now, the support act was a girl and her 'band' (basically a man on the keyboard and a man on the drums) called Oh Land. She had a very unique voice but after about 3 songs I just wanted Katy to come on. Anyway, she finished after about 7 songs or something like that and then there was a break where the big screens showed some tweets people had with the hashtag '#manchesterdreams'. This lasted for about half an hour before the main star came on and the night properly started! I don't actually know where to start with explaining it so I think, because a lot of people are interested in fashion, I'll start with her costumes. Now, Katy Perry is very creative with her costumes and Monday night was no different. Every two or three songs she would have a costume change and during Hot n' Cold she had about 7 during the song. Each time she had a costume change (between songs) a video would play that told a story. It was really good and it kept the audience entertained and it kind of explained the whole 'candy land' thing and sort of showed a bit of 'background' to her videos and songs if that makes sense? Also, in between songs she would talk to everyone and tell some stories which was lovely because she's absolutely hilarious and so sweet. Also, because it was Halloween she told us some stories about her Halloween experiences and some of her costumes (which included a holy shit - yes really). Anyway, she played a set of Teenage Dream, Hummingbird heartbeat, Waking Up In Vegas, Ur So Gay, Peacock, I Kissed A Girl, Circle The Drain, E.T., Who Am I Living For?, Pearl, Not Like The Movies, a medley of The One That Got Away and Someone Like You by Adele, Thinking Of You, Hot N Cold, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), Firework and an encore of California Gurls. The dancers also performed an amazing routine of a medley of I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. So she basically played everyone's favourites and some of her more 'unknown' but still great songs. After the show we had to catch our tram back but there was a bit of difficulty with that and we ended up missing our last tram back. HOWEVER, if we ran to Picadilly, we could try and catch that tram. So off we went. Running. To catch a tram home. It was horrible. I ended up giving up and walked to the tram stop and we had a bit of a panic where we thought we'd missed it again but we hadn't and we managed to get home. I ended up getting to sleep though at like 12 which was draining the next day but it was totally worth it.

I'll finish my post there or else you'll all get bored of me rambling on. Like I said about Jessie J, if you have the chance, go and see Katy Perry in concert! I think the European part of her tour is over now (the whole tour may be over actually...) but when she comes back, just go! It's definitely worth the money. I was planning on getting a t-shirt, because I usually do, but I didn't have time this time and I didn't particularly like any designs.

  • This week I planned to do more posts but unfortunately I've had THE busiest week of my life. On Monday I obviously had Katy Perry, then on Tuesday I had to help out at school with Year 11 Parents' Evening, on Wednesday I went to see Bruno Mars (yes, another concert. i don't actually go to that many, they've all just come at once!) and then yesterday I had a driving lesson. Today is the first time this week that I've had a proper chance to relax. I was supposed to be going to this bonfire and firework do near me but I decided to stay home and get some work done (which i haven't done much of, urgh) and my parents wanted to spend a bit of time with me.
  • I've got two posts planned for tomorrow and Sunday so look out for them!
  • Two of my favourite blog's, Lily and Laura, are holding some competitions/giveaways so I'd definitely go and check them out!
Don't think I have much else to say so I'll just round this post up. Enjoy your weekend and remember it's only about 7 weeks until Christmas! Wooo!

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  1. Sounds amazing, I'd love to go and see her! :) xx


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