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pirates of the caribbean OPI review

OPI nail varnish has got to be one of my favourite brands, in terms of colour variety and quirky names but due to it being one of the more expensive ones, I haven't actually been able to afford a full bottle as it's not a necessity (I can find similar colours in cheaper names like Barry M, MissGuided, Revlon etc). Anyway, I have been able to buy some sets of mini's including the Pirates Of The Caribbean one (I also have the Katy Perry one which includes a mini of every colour in the collection) which gives me a chance to try out 4 colours from the collection.

If you read my Crete shopping haul post, you'll know I bought it in duty free where there was also the option of a Texas collection mini set - really wish I'd bought both. However, I am very happy with this one. I am the biggest fan of Pirates of the Caribbean so I was extremely excited when OPI released a collaboration with it.

I got four colours in the set, Skull & Glossbones, Planks A Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama and Stranger Tides.

I have to say that I love the colours but I would have preferred Mermaids Tears instead of either Skull & Glossbones or Stranger Tides in order to get more variety.

skull & glossbones
planks a lot
sparrow me the drama (very similar to barry m's bright pink - colour 279 which i also have)
stranger tides
Overall the polishes are lovely and only needed 2 layers to produce a think, opaque colour. 2 of the colours (can't remember which, sorry!) didn't go on very well and sort of 'dried out' whilst I was putting them on but the other 2 went on lovely. I give a big thumbs up to the collection and the nail lacquer's and also have to point out that they dried very quickly which is always a bonus!

My favourite colours were Planks A Lot and Sparrow Me The Drama. The purple is gorgeous and nothing like I've ever had.

After trying the mini's out I definitely want the whole collection of full sizes. I've found some links for them all, with help from Laura who posted a link to this ebay seller on her blog. These are the links to the full bottles and they are at such good prices:
I think the next mini set I want is the Texas one and hopefully I can get some full sizes of the Katy Perry collection too. Here's the link to the OPI website which I think I browse pretty much every day. I just love the names and the colours and the fact you can try them out on a cartoon hand is great (they also have a iPhone app that does this too)! Enjoy!


  1. I wasn't to impressed with the colours in PoC collection, to be honest. They were just kind of blaaaah.


  2. Very cool idea but I don't like the colours at all!! :)

  3. Not the best collection that OPI have put out, but i do like the colours :) especially Sparrow Me The Drama xx

  4. I got this same miniature set (as well as the Katy Perry ones), too, I think it's such a lovely way to getting a nice insight into the new collections without having to spend vast amounts!
    I absolutely adored the Stranger Tides shade, but Skull & Glossbones is pretty nice, too - thanks for the links :)

  5. I really want this collection as the shades look so pretty!

  6. I like the looks of Planks a Lot! I also love the names of these polishes, hehe :P

  7. Oooooh!! We also like the look of Planks a Lot! We LOVE OPI!

    T & J

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