Thursday, 11 August 2011

crete shopping haul

Sorry this is a little delayed. Yesterday I was busy picking up my cat from the cattery and having a sort of 'induction' at my friend's work where I could be getting a job! Finally! It was also raining like crazy (not so nice after two weeks in Crete...) so I just wanted to stay in doors and watch movies. Anyways, I haven't been up to much today so thought I should do this post now because I know I won't be able to post much for the next two days because I'm going to be super busy!

as usual i got a few magazines to read on the plane/on holiday 
with the instyle magazine i got two body shop eyeliners which was great!
in duty free i spotted an OPI stand with two little sets of mini nail laquers so i picked up this pirates of the caribbean one. i also have a katy perry one and it means that i can try out the nail colours before buying the full bottles which are obviously more expensive.

FINALLY got the maybelline mascaras that i have been lusting after for ages! don't think they need any explanation but i will hopefully do a review on them.

i also finally got the urban decay naked palette on the plane! i was so happy when i saw it in the little on flight magazine so i cannot wait to try it out!

first bracelet of many. most of the bracelets i bought were from this little shop in the centre of the town we were staying in. i think it's become my new favourite shop, it was amazing!

anklet from the same shop.

ring from the same shop.

this is actually a nose ring from the shop in the centre of town but i'm using for my cartilage piercing. i've got it in at the moment, i love it!

this was from an aquarium we went to in the north of crete and all the money they earn is used to feed unwanted pets and lost animals. it was such an amazing aquarium and it was an amazing cause!

little straw bracelet from a beach we went to. it's actually blue/rust coloured but you can't really tell because of the lighting, sorry!

more bracelets from the shop.

more anklets from the shop.

this anklet actually has bells on it and it's so cool. i think it may annoy some people, but i really like it. when i wear my blue maxi dress i feel like a gypsy!

another ring from my fave shop.

i got four pairs of earrings as well from the shop (pictures of the other three pairs below).

there was also this really nice jewellery shop with expensive stuff and my dad got my mum's anniversary present from there. he also treated me to this dolphin ring ^ it's gorgeous!

in the airport in crete i got 3 more magazines (cosmo, heat and look) and i got this coral nail varnish free with cosmo. it's the colour misschievious if anybody is interested.

lastly, i got myself a braid. it was one of the things i really wanted to get on holiday so i'm really glad i got it!

So yes, that's everything I got on my holiday. Obviously I bought other things like food and presents for my friends but the food's been eaten and my friend's presents probably won't interest you. Anyway, I hope everyone else has enjoyed their holiday if they've been on one and if not, I hope you've enjoyed your summer!


  1. Love that polish colour youve got on, its perfect. Wheres it from?

    Helen, X

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  3. Great haul :) you got loads of great goodies! I love all those Maybelline mascaras! Hopefully you like using them too xx


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