Sunday, 4 September 2011

sixth form shopping haul

I'm going back to school/sixth form tomorrow and where I go, there is a very specific dress code so yesterday my parents and I popped to the Trafford Centre for a few hours and I did actually manage to buy some really nice things.

First thing I bought (more like the first thing that my dad bought...) was a pair of boots. I've actually been needing a pair of boots for a while and thought that because it's coming into winter, now would be the perfect time to buy a pair. We went into Office to have a little look around and these are what I found! They're a lovely matte black colour, have really soft fur around the top (not all the way in, unfortunately) and I can just tell they'll keep my feet warm/dry in the winter months.

boots - office
 I actually got them for £95 in the shop but on the website it says they're £65 so that's great if you like them!

Another winter necessity was a coat. I bought a really nice coat last year but the one I got is extremely big. I was desperate for this coat and I'd seen it everywhere so when I was in River Island and the only size left was 18, I had to have it. It was a really silly thing to do because it really is enormous on me but I only really wear it when I go on winter walks/when I'm with family. Anyway, I didn't think the coat I already had would be appropriate for school or very easy to slip on and off. Therefore I went shopping with a certain coat in mind but when I saw it in the shop I didn't really like it as much as I'd hoped. However, this coat was just next to it and I thought it was the cutest thing. It reminds me of the little duffle coats that children always wear. It's really nice and snuggly and fits just right - it's not too big (i'll never make that mistake again!) but it's big enough to fit a blazer and a few other layers underneath.

duffle coat - miss selfridge
Unfortunately, I can only find the link for a yellow version but I'm pretty sure the blue version is available.

Also from Miss Selfridge, I got this sheer shirt. A lot of people from my school had been complaining about finding it hard to find clothes but I surprisingly found loads in Miss Selfridge! I only got this next item though. It's made of the most lovely soft material and I could just rub it against my cheek for ages. It's quite sheer though (not as much as on the first picture) so I'll have to make sure I check myself before I go out. It's very baggy and also great for tucking in to trousers and skirts. I really can't to wear it!

I can't find the link for the actual shirt but this link will take you to the shirts & blouses page on the Miss Selfridge website. I did see a lot of the items from the website in the shop and tried a few on but didn't really like them. However, if you are going into sixth form/college I do recommend Miss Selfridge for good clothes! I took two pictures because the first one, in natural light, made it look extremely sheer. The second picture shows it's true colour.

The next place I went to was Dorothy Perkins. Whilst walking past the shop I saw the mannequins wearing these really nice business-y dresses and really wanted to check them out. I ended up not liking them but on the way out my dad spotted these tops. They came in about 7 different colours and they were so nice I couldn't pass up on getting a couple. The colours I picked are ones that you don't really find in my wardrobe and I certainly didn't have any tops this colour before buying these ones. They're made of a thin jersey type material and thought they were casual yet smart enough. Again, I took two pictures. The first one in natural light, the second showing the proper colour.

The internet must really hate me today because I can't find the link for these either! Just know that they were from Dorothy Perkins and were £14 each!

After getting stressed out about not finding any skirts/trousers in any shops, my dad suggested going into River Island and I had some luck! I did manage to find a pair of trousers (below) and as I was coming out of the changing room I saw this and told my parents how much I've been wanting one. Typically, they didn't know what it was so I 'modelled' it for my dad and because he liked the look of it he said I could have it. It's so warm and I can't wait for it to get a bit colder so I can cover my ears up with it.

knitted headband - river island

(what it looks like when i wear it. sorry for the camera covering my face but i've got a cold and so i'm not looking too brill at the moment. oh and excuses for the messy/greasy hair.)

tapered trousers - river island

These are the very lovely trousers. The second picture makes them look like they're made of velvet but I can assure you, they're not. They're just made of a soft material that's kinda silk-y and they just kind of 'flow'. It's hard to describe but they're really nice.

On the way home we went to Tesco and I got another pair of shoes. They're just some basic pumps but I've been getting these shoes twice a year, every school year since about Year 10 (so that's like 4 pairs in 2 years)? They're the shoes I just go and get whenever the old pair gets worn out. They're not very good quality but they're very comfy and just so easy to wear. Plus, they're only a fiver! You can't go wrong!

And lastly, I got a new phone! My contract was going to run out very soon (the 12th to be specific) and I knew that I wanted to get a new phone before I started sixth form so whilst in the Trafford Centre we popped into Vodafone and I upgraded my BlackBerry. I had two phones in mind, the oldest and the newest Bolds, but they didn't/couldn't do the oldest BlackBerry Bold (9300) so I checked out the 9900. At first I didn't really like it as the layout is different to my current one and I wasn't too sure (again, due to my picky-ness) but it grew on me. It has a touch screen, all the newest BlackBerry software and is really thin/big which is just how I like it. I've only had it for like a day but I love it! To anybody that doesn't have a BlackBerry, get one! SO good. I was actually planning on getting an iPhone but I couldn't live without BBM.

So, that's everything. Please know that this post wasn't to show off what I have/what I've bought, it was just to give you guys an insight into the type of things I like. I also don't go shopping very often and so it was really nice of my dad to get me this stuff. I hope you've enjoyed the post and everyone else is as excited about going back to school as I am!

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  1. Love/need the shoes - might pop into Tesco's soon..
    Just wondering heather you prefer the BB Blod 9900 to the iPhone 4 I'm getting an upgrade soon and can't decide between the two! Blackberry has BBM and easy to navigate, but iPhones are amazing especially withthe new iPhone 4S. :S ahh!
    ~Hannah xx


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