Monday, 15 August 2011

GLOSSYBOX PRODUCT #1 ciate nail enamel in mojito review

I know this is a very delayed post (I got this nail varnish in my July Glossybox almost a month ago) but I haven't really been in the mood for a bright nail varnish recently, let alone a green one. I only have one other green nail varnish and it's a bright neon-y yellow colour that isn't the nicest thing ever so I was a bit reluctant to try this. To be honest, it wasn't a colour I would have picked and bought myself but I'm glad I tried it out. I don't think I'll wear it very often but at least it's there! 

Before receiving this, I'd never heard of the brand Ciate but I looked on their website and their nail varnishes are lovely! I definitely hope to order a few more when I finally get some more money. I think the bows on each bottle are lovely! Very cute!

first coat

second coat

third coat
Overall the polish is nice. It goes on well (if you have enough on the brush) and the end result is lovely. However, it takes a while to get to the end result. As you can see from my pictures below, it took three coats to get a nice finish. Also, if you don't put enough liquid on the brush it goes quite patchy and it's hard to get on smoothly. Regardless of these 'bad points' I do like it and as I said before, I would love to get some more colours to actually try out the brand more. 

I also took some pictures of what my nails looked like after 24 hours. Bare in mind that yesterday after I'd painted them I didn't do much, just lounged about and did some bits and bobs around the house. But today I worked for 4 hours, returned library books and did some stuff around the house. So they went through quite a bit. Overall, I think they lasted very well! Usually after a day, my nail varnish is chipped badly/smudged/cracked etc. So I'm very happy with how they're looking now! I think the quality is wonderful and I definitely recommend the Ciate nail varnish's to everybody. Please, go check them out!

after 24 hours
Here's a link for the website - Ciate
And to the actual colour I received - Mojito (£9.00)

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  1. ahh green nail varnish always lets me down :(


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