Saturday, 1 February 2014

little manchester haul

So my exams finished a couple of weeks ago and I still had a week or so until my new term starts so I decided to go home for a bit. I did it as a surprise and it's safe to say that my mum and dad were very very shocked. It was super nice to make them happy and I'm very much enjoying just relaxing at home - I've mostly been watching This Morning and having a Harry Potter marathon...

But on one of the days I decided I'd make a trip into Manchester. I haven't actually had a good shopping spree/bought something lovely for myself for a while and I was really in the mood. I still had some money/gift cards left from my birthday last year and some from Christmas, along with a bit from my student loan that I've got saved up so I figured a trip to Manchester would be the perfect chance to use some of it!

I also thought this would be a great opportunity to do a haul style post to show you what I bought!

t-shirt: £20 TOPSHOP

I don't regularly go clothes shopping unless I need a particular basic or if it's for an event so I thought I'd pop into Topshop to see what they were offering at the moment. I loved these two dresses and figured they'd be great to wear just casually to uni or if I'm off out with friends during the day. I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it. I'm a huge cat lover and thought it was quite a quirky top that I knew I would just love wearing! Now I don't usually go for wacky jackets and I was a bit wary of buying this one as it was quite pricy and I didn't know whether I would get away with wearing it but as soon as I tried it on I fell in love!

I was also looking into buying some new makeup and thought I'd pop into the huuugggeee Selfridges in Manchester to just have a little browse. I naturally ended up gravitating towards the MAC counter and as usual one of the sales assistants asked if I needed any help. However, instead of saying I was fine, like I normally do, and carrying on just looking, I actually asked for her help with looking at some base products and the basics that she recommended. It ended up with me having a slight make over and getting to grips with using brushes (which i was an absolute flop at before then!) before spending an awful lot of money, but I'm justifying it with the fact that a) the sales assistant was so so lovely and b) I do need actually need all of it... But one moral of the story is that from now on I will always ask for help/the opinion of the assistants as most of the time they do actually know what they are talking about and most of them are genuinely nice people!

I also popped into Boots to pick up my most wanted beauty tools. Ever since these brushes exploded onto the blogging scene with an abundance of positive reviews I knew I had to get my hands on them. I have some Bobbi Brown brushes and whilst I love them, they're getting old now and I definitely don't have as many as this! After my mini make over at the MAC counter I was more eager to get some brushes as they really do change the finish to your whole look. So I sort of went for a big splurge and got all the sets on offer. I cannot wait to try these out and I'll definitely be giving my thoughts on what they're like some time in the future!

So there is my little haul from Manchester! I definitely spent too much money but I very much enjoyed doing so and definitely felt like I deserved too after my exams and not really spending that much on myself for a few months!

I'm super excited to start using the make up and brushes so I'm sure individual reviews will be coming soon!

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  1. Real techniques brushes are my fave! Shopping for yourself is so satisfying when you haven't shopped for a while. You got some awesome stuff!

    x, Vivi Lien


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