Tuesday, 21 January 2014

eos lipbalms

EOS lipbalms are something that I was very eager to give a try but lusted after from afar due to their near impossibility to get hold of in England. As a result I had to wait until I ventured over the pond to pick some up and that's exactly what I did when I went to New York (in 2012... a very very long time ago!). There were a variety of flavours to choose from each with their own set of promises and properties but I chose these three - summer fruit (the red one), 'medicated' tangerine (orange) and strawberry sorbet (pink).

From what I gathered when looking for these, they are very similar to Vaseline in that you can pick them up in your local supermarket and they're relatively cheap. However, the packaging is so much more interesting and as usual when it comes to beauty products, it was the packaging that I was drawn to! They're super easy to use and much more fun to whip out than your average stick lip balm. It's also good that you can just pucker up and coat both lips with one swipe. The shape is very functional and super unique!

Unfortunately the scent of them is actually quite synthetic and there isn't even that much of a scent that resembles their supposed 'flavour'. When I first smelt them I was quite put off as it is very artificial. However, when actually put onto the lips the real taste and scent is revealed and as use goes on, the scent comes out more and more. Tangerine and strawberry sorbet have a relatively nice taste and something I quite enjoy applying but summer fruit isn't as enjoyable and probably something I'll have to get used to.

After first application, my lips felt like they had a 'layer' on them and it took a while for the product to actually sink in. But once it was all sunk in, my lips felt super moisturised. I do think they have the same sort of effect as your normal drugstore lip balm and not like your more expensive lip balms that offer more intense moisture. I felt that my lips were smooth and soft once I used them and there was a slight improvement to the overall condition of my lips but they did very quickly go back to being dry. However, I think this is very much down to my lips generally, because they are beyond dry normally, so when used on non-dry lips, I'm sure they would be great. I also think they'd be super handy for just popping into your bag or putting on your desk for a quick top up of moisture.

I also mentioned that each one comes with it's own claims and properties. Summer fruits came without a packet so I'm not sure what that one was for but I assume it provides what a typical lip balm provides and the packet for strawberry sorbet didn't claim to have any outstanding promises. Tangerine, however, is labelled as medicated with ingredients that immediately soothe the lip and protect from any anti-bacteria. It also helps relieve symptoms of cold sores and defend against bacterial contamination. Overall, though, I think each provides general moisture and protection from the everyday conditions that we put our lips through.

So as I mentioned I wouldn't necessarily recommend these for those with super dry lips unless you used a scrub type product with it as other balms/treatments would be better, but these would be nice for when lips are in a good condition and just need a little smoothing.

Here is the link to the lip balms on the EOS website but I don't think it ships to the UK, unfortunately. However, there is a variety of ebay sellers that also sell them and most for very reasonable prices!

As I'm writing this post my cat is pushing the lip balms around so whilst they're great for us girls (and guys!) to use to moisturise our lips, they're great toys for pets as well - something for all the family!

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