Sunday, 2 February 2014

radox shower gels

I bought these shower gels a very long time ago but due to having a whole host of other shower beauty bits to try out it's taken me a while to get round to giving these a go. I have very much enjoyed using these too and can assure you that this is going to be a very positive post that I hope will persuade you to give at least one of them a go!

So there are three scents/flavours: Berry Burst, Cherry Blast and Coconut Kiss. I picked them because they stood out a bit more than your average shower gel and were a lot brighter. They also appeared slightly 'juicy' (if that makes any sense at all) and just overall very appealing! They smell really amazing even from just opening the lid which is very promising. The berry and cherry ones were super fruity and the coconut one gave off a sort of soothing and relaxing feel. All three gels contain oils/milk which makes them sound like they'll be nice and nourishing which is great for someone like me who does suffer from dry patches but can never be bothered to do the extra step of moisturising after they get out of the shower!

I found that each of them is quite hard to get lathered up (even with exfoliating gloves) but once they are lathered they are a dream to work with. The scent hits you instantly which is lovely and lingers on the skin afterwards but nothing overpowering so you could still use a perfume over the top. The smell also lingered in my shower which meant my whole room smelt lovely afterwards too. They are quite runny so you could pour out more than you intended to but there is nothing wrong with using too much shower gel to be honest. Plus at that price, it doesn't really matter if you run out quickly as they're super cheap to stock up on! After use my skin gelt so so smooth and soft meaning they all have wonderful moisturising properties. My skin felt really clean too which is great when you need a refreshing shower.

I felt that the fruity ones would be great for the morning as they left my skin feeling really clean which is perfect for when you need a quick, refreshing shower. The coconut one also left me feeling clean but gave off more of a luxurious, relaxing feel and may be good for evening showers or just before you go out for the night.

Overall I would say that these shower gels are just so lovely to use. Obviously you don't need to buy all of them but if I was to recommend one it would be Berry Burst. It's my favourite, is super fruity, has the best scent and the smell lingers the longest afterwards.

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