Monday, 20 January 2014

prada candy perfume

So this post has been a long time coming. Mostly because I just haven't gotten round to blogging about it (read: lazy) and also because it's taken a while for me to really test out this perfume. Since purchasing it, I've just not been that drawn to it and I very much think it's down to the fact that I buy perfumes based on their appearance rather than their actual fragrance and that is exactly what happened with this one. I just popped it straight into my basket at duty free without so much as a whiff of it so it's my own fault for not being as into it as some of my other perfumes. However, when I made the move to university I thought I'd take it with me to try and give it another chance and I'm actually enjoying using it so I feel that I can now give it a justified review...

Apologies for the battered box, it didn't travel too well...

So as I mentioned, this was definitely a perfume I bought because of its packaging and the advertising that went with it. This is partly a good thing because that's what the company's aim is to do and I very much fell for their tricks. But it's bad because I bought it without smelling it. I also said that I got this in duty free which is where I get most of my perfumes from and I also end up going on a whim spending spree whenever I'm in duty free because I like to think that whatever I buy in there doesn't really count (who doesn't justify in this way?!). So again, I didn't really think through this purchase in the most logical of ways.

I initially thought it'd be really sweet and fruity and a great summer fragrance. Oh how wrong I was! It's actually super strong and I continually get wafts of it throughout the day no matter how busy I've been. I personally think it's better for an autumn/winter day perfume as it's not too deep as to just be saved for the evening/night but it's definitely not a light, fresh scent. It is very feminine and slightly seductive, but not so much that it can't be worn during the day. As I've started to wear it more it has very much grown on me. My flatmate has even commented on it a couple of times when I've worn it and he's a typical 'lad' so that's really saying something!

I'm absolutely rubbish with describing scents so I've had a little look on some websites and it says that "magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature" - this was taken from the Debenhams website where you can also get it for £41.50 (30ml).

It isn't my favourite ever scent but when I do make the effort to wear it, I actually really like it and it makes me feel very sophisticated as it's such a strong scented perfume. I do usually prefer lighter scents so I'll be interested to see what the newer L'Eau release is like (this time i'll definitely give it a spritz before i buy it!).

Overall I do think I'd recommend this for those that do like a heavier perfume that'll last all day and gain you some compliments along the way but if you do prefer something lightweight, fresh and girly I'd probably steer clear.

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