Friday, 15 February 2013

liar, liar, pants on fire!

So I hold my hands up. I admit it. I am useless. I cannot blog when I say I will and as a result, I haven't blogged in a while. I always think that I'm going to have plenty of time to blog and always say, on here, that I will but then something crops up that just completely takes up all of my time. There honestly aren't enough hours in the day (as said my Daloni on her blog!) but I do try! Sometimes, though, I'm just too tired to even try and produce a blogpost! But today I did in fact break up from sixth form for half term so fingers crossed things will become smoother (probably need to stop saying this...)!

For today's post, I thought I'd do another catch up - sort of like my last post - on what I've been up to, where I've been etc. I really prefer to do these posts when I 'come back to blogging' after a long period of time. I apologise if you follow me on Instagram and have seen these pictures before but ah well! Here we go though...

Who doesn't love receiving Zara packages? I've needed a new handbag for a very very long time and I've wanted to invest in a more expensive one for a while now so I went ahead and treated myself to this beautiful bad boy! I believe a few other bloggers have the same bag and it's honestly the most handy bag to have. There are 5 different sections so you can fit loads in!

I think Toby liked the box as well... He spent the majority of his time just rustling around in the paper, bless him.

At the start of the month, my parents and I took a trip to London. It's sort of an annual thing and I absolutely love going. We did a variety of things including some sight seeing and show going. On the first day we popped over to the British Museum before going to get something to eat and then heading to see The Lion King. The show was honestly amazing and I would really love to see it again! On the Sunday we just sort of mooched around Harrods. I was sort of underwhelmed. I was expecting this sort of 'magical' department store but I think I didn't really like it because of the overcrowding and the 'pushiness' of the staff. Also, everything is so expensive there! I fell in love with the Moomin Troll toy as well but unfortunately, he did not come home with me :( Then, before we headed home, we went to see the new Cirque Du Soleil show. I have been going to see Cirque Du Soleil shows since I was 7 and as my parents are such big fans, I couldn't help but fall in love with the shows either. They are honestly insane and I really think EVERYBODY (yes, that's each and every one of you!) should go and see one of the shows! The just get more and more magical everytime you see them.

Now I'm sure most of you know that HMV is closing down/changing owners so a lot of prices have been reduced which is a bonus if you are a film/TV lover like me! However, I didn't go as crazy as I thought I would and just bought these two things (actually, it was more like my mum bought them for me...). Little Rascals is a film I always used to watch when I was little and then I completely forgot it even existed until my friend brought it up a couple of months ago. And Everybody Loves Raymond is a classic. It's just got such good dry humour and Raymond reminds me of my dad so much!

How could I not do an impression of a walrus when I had a packet of chocolate fingers to myself?

When I was little, on Red Nose Day, my mum would always give me her old badges instead of buying new ones (she does the same with her Children In Need badges too) and I always felt special wearing a different one to everybody else. But this year I decided to buy my own and maybe I can start a collection of my own? 

Going to help my mum with the Sainsbury's shop is always a bad idea... I always end up putting really unhealthy and unnecessary things in the trolley! To be honest though, the cocktail sausages are my favourite thing in the world! And the cupcake was on a 3 for 2 offer... I couldn't pass up on the delicious-ness!

Kigu are my favourite ever company to buy onesies from. They have the most amazing selection and they are so so so comfortable. Last weekend I went on a Brownie camp (i'm a volunteer by the way) and the theme was 'jungle'. We had a jungle party on the Saturday evening and so I just had to buy my costume from Kigu. It also meant I could add to my collection (of a dinosaur and rudolph!)!

Just a selection of photos from the weekend. I did actually have a lot of fun but it was exhausting! The place we stayed at was beautiful though and it was nice to head to the countryside for a little bit.

As soon as I got home I shnuggled into my new onesie and did nothing...

I also spent plenty of time eating chocolate... I was given the box of Celebrations from the main Brownie leader as a thank you which was so lovely of her. And the second picture shows the selection of goodies my parents got me as a 'welcome home' gift which was very sweet of them!

For all those that didn't know (although you'd be crazy to have missed such a wonderful occasion) it was Pancake Day on Tuesday!  I'm a HUGE pancake fan but I only ever have sugar and lemon. Well, I tell a lie. The picture shows that I have maple syrup on my American style pancakes. On Pancake Day, in our family, the tradition is that my dad makes the pancakes so that's when I have the traditional/crepe style ones with sugar and lemon. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY

And yesterday was Valentine's Day. Unfortunately I did not have a man boy to spend it with so I went out with my girlies instead. In the morning, however, I did get a card of my parents. Bless. I think it was more out of sympathy, however. After I'd finished school for the day, I went to the cinema with my friends to see 'I Give It A Year' (hilarious and definitely recommend but a little crude in some places...) before popping to Frankie And Benny's for something to eat. The rest of the night was spent watching The Hills and reading... 

So that's all I've really been up to recently. Nothing that exciting and nothing that interesting. I am actually up to quite a bit in the next week so fingers crossed I have something to inform you on/blog about! I'm hoping, also, to get some beauty posts up!

Tomorrow I think I might be heading into Manchester for a spot of lunch, maybe a new piercing? and a little bit of shopping. I'm also supposed to be going to a 1975 gig in the evening but I'm not sure on those details so I'll see! For now though, I am shattered so I'll love and leave you! :) :) :)


  1. Love London, hope you had an awesome time. Love the pics

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  2. Such a cute little post, I love seeing round ups of people's trips, they are an insight into life!

    That Zara bag is so chic!

    Hope you are well, take care xx :)

  3. hahaha I too do walrus impressions to my husband's annoyance!
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