Monday, 3 October 2011

porefessional review

The 6th picture is my hand without the product and the 7th is my hand with the product. I'm hoping you can see a difference! I think that the main change is that my hand is more matte in the last picture and my vein is not as visible.

So I thought I would do a little review for you all on a produce I received for my birthday last week. I would have done this post sooner (as I have such high praises for it!) but I thought I should give it at least a week to really test it out.

The product is called The POREfessional and it's by Benefit. It's a liquid concealer and it's main purpose is to cover up/reduce the appearance of pores. 

To put it simply, this is exactly what it does. I have quite big pores around my T-Zone (mainly the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows, the tip of my nose and the sides of my nose) and this "PRO balm" does exactly what it says and minimizes the look of them. It has a double use, meaning it can be used under your make up or over your make up. I usually put it on in the mornings just over my pores under my make up and then top it up whenever I need it during the day. 

The box describes it as "oil-free, lightweight, translucent and silky". I definitely agree with these claims. As soon as I put a bit on my hand to transfer to my face it felt very light and silky. Then when I rubbed it in, it sort of 'dried out' which I think is due to the fact it's oil-free. It's very easy to blend and is perfect to just carry round with you for topping up during the day. I also found that the fact it is oil-free was a great factor too. I have really oily skin so this covered up my shiny patches and kept them quite matte throughout the day. Another bonus is the fact that after applying it, my skin was so so smooth. I couldn't stop touching it!

All in all, I definitely recommend this product. I wouldn't give it full marks as I was hoping it would reduce the size of my pores in the long run as well as covering up but I do think it's brilliant at what it does do. I think if you're like me and a little self concious of your pores or you're looking for a light weight concealer then this is the one for you! 

This is the link for the product. I do think that it's an expensive product (aren't all Benefit cosmetics?) but you do only need a teeny tiney bit to get full coverage so it's worth the money. Anyway, if you don't want to buy the whole product without seeing what it's like, go and ask for sample and try it out for yourself!


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