Monday, 26 September 2011

17th birthdayyy

I bet most of you are expecting this post to start of with 'I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while' because that's what most of my posts have started out like recently. I am really sorry about that and I will just use the same excuses again because my life really is very busy right now. I'm trying to get on top of everything and I think this week I'll be able to make a few posts but this past weekend (when I was planning on posting) just turned into a meeting up with friends/sleeping frenzy. It was also my birthday yesterday and I really didn't want to make this post then. But I'm doing it now so I hope that's okay for everyone. Also, just before I start, this post isn't to show off what I got or to boast, I genuinely want to share with people what my lovely friend's and family bought me because I love reading about what other people got for their birthday. So here you go:

I actually got these last week when I went to the Trafford Centre but I wasn't allowed them until my actual birthday. I've wanted a pair of Vans for a while now and I told my mum who told my dad who asked if I would like a pair for my birthday. How could I not take him up on the offer? I was going to get black but I already have a black pair of low top Converse so went for navy instead. I think if I ever get another pair I'll get a brighter colour like turquoise or red.

DRIVING LESSONS! Yes, I have reached the legal age to learn to drive! My first lesson is on Friday for 2 hours and I'm so excited! I'm genuinely so excited to be able to drive, I'll feel so grown up! The book (left) was off my mum and the PC DVD-ROM (right) was off my friends.

Bit of a jokey one from my friends... I'm obviously not going to use it when I'm actually on the toilet but it's a funny idea and I'll probably have a go at it when I get a bit bored.

Got some Midnight Beast stickers and a Midnight Beast poster. Absolutely love the band and I think I mentioned in a previous post that I met them at Leeds this year so LOVE this present. I'm also hoping to go to one of their book signings later on this year with some of my friends!

Again, to do with the whole learning to drive thing. It just makes me so excited!

Just a little something to make sure everybody knew it was my birthday. I actually love these badges and I think I have one from every birthday since I was 13?

My mum bought me these and I'd actually only mentioned my interest in them a week before my birthday. I'd seen the Pore-fessional product before and showed my mum last Saturday. It seems like a great product and it's something I definitely need, so really looking forward to using it tonight. The Bella perfume is the newest one in their perfume range. I also have the Carmella one and was looking for a new one so very happy with my mum for getting me this one. I find Bella to be much lighter, fruitier and fresher than Carmella. Going to use it tomorrow which will be a nice change from my usual Carmella.

This present was off my lovely friend Robyn and it's a curling iron. I actually don't own any sort of hair 'iron' if you get me? Like I don't own any straightners or anything. I don't actually have my own hair dryer, I just use my mums. I'm a very au natural type of girl when it comes to my hair so I'm very excited to try this out!

Nom nom nom. I absolutely adore Lindtt chocolate and get so excited for Christmas so I can get the reindeers/snowmen/father christmas' and for Easter to get the bunnies but now they have bears! I was so excited when my mum showed me this! Cannot wait to get stuck into it!

This gorgeous necklace was off my friend Megan and I put it on straight away. I've been wearing it all day and I love it. It's so delicate and a really nice length.

So that's the end of my post and hopefully I'm back for good now and will be posting more often! I'm just going to say this again because I want people to know that this ISN'T to show off, it's simply to share with people what I got for my birthday. It may give you some ideas of what you want for your birthday or some ideas of presents to give your friend's. I hope you enjoyed this post and have had a lovely past week!



    xo zebra and meerkat

  2. OMG the life-sized Barack Obama cut out is amazing, and the photo album is such a thoughtful gift, you have the most amazing friends :)
    Good luck with the driving lessons etc, I still haven't even got my provisional yet, and I'm 19, ha.
    Happy belated birthday, lovely xx


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