Saturday, 19 October 2013

OPI you callin' me a lyre?

I've finally got round to posting about the third nail varnish I picked up when in New York (last year! eek...). Now I tried all of the colours separately and reviewed them as I used them but I really feel I've saved the best until last. I absolutely adore this colour and out of the three I've tried from the New York Ballet collection this is the one I think you should all get!

Like the other two colours I've tried from the collection this is a very sheer pastel colour but actually provides a much nicer finish than the other too as it's a much more natural colour. It's also a very gorgeous colour, the perfect pale rose pink.

It's an extremely watery consistency (as were the other too) which made me a bit doubtful at first as to what it was going to be like and it is only slightly pigmented but I actually quite like that as it's unlike any of my other polishes. I think it would actually work really well for when you want to do a french manicure.

Unfortunately you can't really do one/a couple of thick coats to increase pigmentation as it's so watery that it would just run everywhere and smudge like crazy so I've just had to go for the thinner coats and a lighter finish. However, just one coat instantly made my nails look brighter and lovelier and healthier that I wasn't going to bother with any extra layers (but i did for the purposes of this review!). Honestly, I was so impressed with the way the polish looked on the nails. 3 coats is about as much as you can do before it starts to get a bit messy and you can still see my white tips through the varnish but that is, obviously, just because of how pale the polish is anyway.

It really is a very simple nude pink (occasionally looking beige in some lights) but honestly THE perfect nude. It's very natural and super subtle so would be great if you wanted a discrete nail varnish or if you're not allowed to wear any at school/work. I feel that it's a very sophisticated colour as well and whilst it is subtle, it's not completely unnoticeable and when I was wearing it I often gazed down at my nails to admire how lovely they looked!

Another way I'd wear it is under glitter polishes as a really simple base (it's actually how i'm going to paint my nails next so look out for a picture on my instagram! @bethsutton_).

It has a relatively good drying time but smudges very easily unfortunately. I actually learnt the hard away and about 15/20 minutes after painting my nails, I completely messed one of them up! I think how easily they smudge is to do with how many layers you use but you need more layers to get a good colour so it's a tricky situation! On the other hand, I found the staying power of this polish to be really really great. I never use a top coat (naughty!) but it didn't chip at all! It lasted for days (about 3 which is pretty darn good considering no top coat!) before any signs of chipping which I'm super happy about!

The colour is very true to the bottle unlike the other shades I tried and because of this I didn't actually think I'd like it that much but it's just so pretty. I can't wait to repaint my nails with this colour! Unfortunately it's not really an autumn/winter colour but I love it nevertheless and come spring 2014, it'll be perfect!

There we go then, the last of the polishes that I tried from OPI's New York Ballet collection. I have to say that they are mixed feelings for the colours that I tried but this is by far my favourite so if you have chance, go and check it out!


  1. I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to post a little more regularly but this post has come a little later than hoped. Unfortunately I've just been super busy with university, university work, university life, catching up with friends, regularly calling my parents etc. I've just had a lot going on and my blog has had to take a little back seat... I've also been turning to X Factor in my spare time as I have so much to catch up on and it requires very little energy!
  2. I've really not been up to much recently and the most exciting thing I've done is go to one of the club's in town with my flatmates for a night out. It was pretty cool and I actually managed to meet up with a friend from home which was great. I was very tired the next morning but worth it I think.
  3. Today has been super chilled and I've just been reading blogs, catching up with X Factor, watching YouTube videos and reading articles for university - not all that interesting really. 
  4. And it's exactly what I'm planning on doing tomorrow as well! 
I'm off to finish watching some X Factor but fingers crossed I'll be here tomorrow! Night!


  1. This is such a lovely lovely colour! So so pretty! x

  2. Such a pretty shade, I've never tried OPI but I would love to in the future! :)

  3. Love this colour! xo

  4. I really opi , I want the top ten box that's on asos right now! Sooo nice xx

  5. This colour looks great and I love your detailed review.

  6. That's a gorgeous nail color. :) I've really been into the nudes lately which is weird because I'm usually all about BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT colors. It's too bad about the consistency, though. I tend to stick to a couple of nail polish brands because it's disappointing when you try a new brand and it's not what you hoped.

    P.S. I hear ya with the university life- it's crazy how hectic it can get...homework after homework... ahhh!

  7. Such a lovely colour! Although I would expect it to be a bit more pigmented on the nail.
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