Friday, 4 January 2013

new year, new me...

I hope this motto really does apply to me this year. Not just in blogging, but in all aspects of my life. Every year I try to make my life 'perfect' and I know it will never ever be that way but I can at least try to make it as good as I can.

I finally got my laptop back from the computer repair store today. It decided to die (literally) a few days after Christmas and they called yesterday to say my hard drive had completely broke so they had to put in a new one. Unfortunately that meant that I lost everything so I'm having to start again with the all my documents, pictures, music etc which is devastating but I guess it'll teach me to start backing things up now. Luckily I did have a few things saved on various memory sticks so I've recovered some items but I have lost a lot.

Anyway, moving on. I am actually going to be 'leaving' blogspot (again!) for a bit as I have some important exams coming up when I go back to school (which is unfortunately on monday) so I really want to crack down and concentrate. I just know I'll get distracted if I try and keep up with blogspot every day/try to post everyday so I'm going to remove the temptation until I'm finished. My last exam is on the afternoon of the 17th so I will return then! I doubt anyone will miss me too much but it's sweet if you do :)

After I come back to blogging properly though, I really do want to move forward with my blog and hopefully make it more successful. I guess over the past couple of years that I've been blogging, my posting routine has been quite haphazard and I've never really been that regular with my posts. Personally, I hate it this way and it annoys me that I can't get into a routine. It's mainly due to all my other commitments, school and the fact I'm just so busy with other things. Therefore, this year, my blogging resolution is to make my blog more scheduled. This motivation has really come from reading lots of other blogs and seeing how amazing/successful my favourite bloggers are. It's not that I want lots of followers (i mean, it would be nice...), I just want to have a slight impact on my readers :)

So yes, thanks for sticking by me and for reading this little post. I hope everyone's had a great start to the year too. But if it was full of revision like me, I wish you luck with your exams! I'll hopefully see you all soon and I look forward to coming back to posting!

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