Tuesday, 25 December 2012

merry christmas!

Just a quick post to say I hope everyone's had a really wonderful day (and you carry on having a nice day if you're still celebrating)!

I've had an amazing day of eating and spending time with family. My parents and I woke up later than usual this year (i was dying for the lie in!) before we all opened our presents. After that, we went to my grandparent's/aunty's house, which we do every year, for a gorgeous dinner and more present opening! Then, on the way home we popped round to another aunty's house to share funny stories and eat chocolates.  It honestly was an amazing day and I wish it lasted longer than it did.

Ah well, I'm now sat feasting on a Chocolate Orange whilst watching Hercules (my mum bought me all of my disney favourites for christmas - she knows me too well!).

Again, I hope everyone had as great a day as I did and continues enjoying the festive period!

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