Friday, 15 July 2011

i guess a welcome is in order...

So this is my first actual account and blog on blogger and it's quite scary. I have a blog on Tumblr but it's very different to this (from what I've gathered from the day I've spent trying to navigate my way around it anyway!) and I'm already struggling!
I think that I should probably introduce myself or something and what I'm planning to put on this blog. My name's Beth and I'm a 16 year old 'student' from Manchester. In September I'm going to be going into Year 12 but for now I'm enjoying my 3 month Summer.

 (thought you might appreciate a picture so you know who's behind the blogging)

I'm hoping to make this blog quite personal and as some sort of journal. I was doing that on my Tumblr account but I've just kinda grown bored of that now and I feel that the posts I want to post would be more suited for here. I think I'll include some fashion posts, things I'm interested in, what I've recently bought, what I'm up to etc. Anyway, I hope you like this blog and hopefully it'll become something that was worth creating.

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