Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Now I would add some of my own photos from my weekend into this post but 1) I only took a disposable with me and haven't yet had chance to get them developed and 2) most of them are just of my friends and not really of the music so you probably don't want to see them...

However, I still thought I'd tell you a little bit about how amazing it was. This year was my 3rd year of going and I definitely have to admit it was the best for music. All three headlines were insane and I got to listen to some really amazing bands! Unfortunately the weather wasn't to good this year. It rained heavily on at least 3 of the days causing it to be ridiculously muddy and wet for the majority of the weekend - definitely not for the faint hearted! However, it definitely didn't ruin the music and it really was an amazing weekend!

I bought an early bird ticket (i have done every time i've been and i think it's so worth it - you get the first pick of where to put your tent and avoid the main rush of people) and so the first couple of days were just spent around the campsite, exploring and getting into the festival mood!

On Friday we saw Aluna George, Tribes, Alex Clare, The Lumineers, Fall Out Boy, Disclosure and Biffy Clyro. My favourites were definitely The Lumineers (cheerful, happy music that you just had to dance along too), Disclosure (a really amazing set - people were spilling out of the tent they were so popular!) and Biffy Clyro (possibly one of my favourite ever bands i've seen live - we were very near the front and the atmosphere was just amazing).

Saturday included Kodaline, Frank Turner, Bastille and Green Day. I'd never heard of Kodaline before but I'm definitely a new fan and I'm looking forward to listening to some of their stuff later on! Frank Turner was really good as well despite everyone being absolutely drenched from the rain! And Bastille were just wonderful as expected - they really put on a good performance.

On the final day, Sunday, we saw The 1975, Imagine Dragons, Chase And Status and Eminem. I've seen The 1975 twice before (including when they were called 'Drive Like I Do' - long time fan right here!) and they were as wonderful as usual! I think it's really hard to dislike their music, it's both mellow and upbeat at the same time. Now, I definitely think Sunday's headliner, the mysterious and peculiar performer that is Eminem, was the best ever. It was his last ever UK performance so it wasn't something you could miss and I'm so glad I got to watch it. He played so many classic songs as well as ones you wouldn't really know. There were people just rapping along all over the crowd and even if you didn't know any of the words, it was fine, the performance was so good that you couldn't not enjoy it!

I know this isn't the best post and there aren't many pictures but I thought I'd update you a little bit! Leeds is possibly one of the best festivals I've ever been to (as shown by the amount of times i've been!) and I recommend all to go at least once in your life! However, I know festivals aren't everyone's type of thing so if you're not into being grungy and unclean and sleeping on the ground for a number of nights, then this isn't for you!

Sorry, again, for being away from the blog. I had planned on posting before I left to inform you all of where I was heading but completely ran out of time. I am now not leaving for a good while (just under 2 weeks...) so I'm hoping to get some regular posting going!

I'm off to bed now as I still haven't fully recovered from the lack of sleep I got at Leeds. I hope you all had just as wonderful a weekend as I did and you have a lovely week ahead of you! 

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  1. How was fall out boy, bastille and imagine dragons? I really wanted to go as I love most of the people there, I'm so jealous!

    Harian x. Littlecoldcoffee.blogspot.com


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