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april 2012 glossybox

Now I know it is August. And I know this is 5 months late. But who doesn't like a reminder of previous glossyboxes and who isn't used to my always late glossybox posts? Plus I really do enjoy sharing the products I got and my own thoughts on what I received. I just hope you guys enjoy reading my posts.

I got back from V festival yesterday afternoon and after the most amazing bath, I just lounged around and watched Gossip Girl. I wasn't in the mood at all to do any blogging. However this morning I was really up for doing a blogpost. So before work I took all the pictures then I was planning on doing the post as soon as I got home but time flies eh? Therefore, this post is a little later than expected but at least it is a post! My mum picked up my underwater camera disposables from Egypt at the weekend so they're ready for another post. Also I'll upload my disposables from V festival when I get them done, if they're good and if anybody is interested.

However, on to the post!

(blogger loves me and turns my photos the wrong way...)

Caudalie is a brand I have heard of before but I can't actually remember if they were raved about or not. However I remember that I have been interested in trying out one of their products so this mini was a good chance to test them out. The fact it has 'S.O.S' in it's name kind of makes me think that it really is a good product and actually works for those with disaster areas (i.e. dry places on their face). Unfortunately, I am someone who suffers from oily skin, sometimes extremely oily skin, so something that adds moisture to my skin, other than moisturisers, is something I would avoid. Although the instructions say to apply it to the face and neck, I'm thinking of trying it out on my elbows (which are unbelievably dry) and feet (which are also dry) so that should mean I can give you guys a review at least.

(and again, the wrong way)
Lip liners are not products I have a lot of or use a lot of and the fact I've never heard of Inika before means it won't be a biased review of the product. The colour is also lovely and very natural. I constantly struggle with lipstick moving out of the line of my lips and looking like I have just decided to rub my hand over my mouth for fun so I'm hoping a lip liner will help with this problem. I just tried it a bit on my hand as well and I've just fallen slightly in love. The consistency is so creamy and it's slightly metallic. I cannot wait to do a full review on it.

Monu Spa, like Caudalie, is a brand I've heard of but unsure as to whether it is good or bad. I am such a slacker on hand and nail cream but surprisingly my hands don't suffer that badly. My nails, on the other hand, go through phases of looking absolutely dead and then looking brilliantly healthy. At the moment, it's the dry and disgusting phase. It's surprising that I don't use hand cream that much as my mum uses it religiously, applying it at least 3 times a day. I think that if this cream is good and I like it, I may start trying to add it into my daily routine. I'm hoping it will revive my nails and make them stronger so they don't constantly break. I think the fact they are so thin and brittle is because I wear nail varnish a lot and don't treat them that well. Here's to hoping this hand and nail cream saves them!

I think this is my least favourite product of April's glossybox. I have a feeling that I've smelt it before and I didn't like the smell then. I also know that I strongly dislike the scent of roses so I'm not expecting good things. I will try it though and will give a review - just don't expect it to be too positive. To be honest though, I have so many lip balms that this one isn't really necessary for my collection.

Another new brand to be introduced too and it's a hair product! Treatments for your hair are not something I venture into. I simply get my hair cut (and coloured sometimes) a few times a year and shampoo and conditioner the rest of the time. I rarely blow dry it and I think I've only straightened it once in my life (crazy huh?) and curled it once earlier this year. I know your hair needs looking after and mine is, at the moment, so dry and dead, it upsets me. For some reason (a good one!), I don't seem to have any split ends but it just doesn't feel healthy. Just last year my hair used to be wavy with curls/full on ringlets at the end but now it's barely wavy with a lot of frizzy-ness. Therefore I really need to invest in some products to hydrate my hair. Unfortunately this Philip B item is a styling gel (which i feel i won't have a use for) but I'll definitely have a go with it!

Hope this post informed you of my views on these products and you look forward to the full reviews in the future :)

Just to let you know, I leave for Leeds festival at 9:30 tomorrow morning which means an early 7am start (i want to cry, i don't understand why my friends insist on starting that early) and therefore cannot post tomorrow. I return on Monday afternoon so, depending on whether or not I am in the mood, I may post then or the next day. After I get back from Leeds, I am free! I am not going anywhere, I can fully unpack for the first time all summer and I can't wait. I then have 6 days (including one i assume to be spent at work unfortunately, but i'm thinking of the money!) to do whatever I want (mainly lounging about doing absolutely nothing) before I go back to school for year 13! This is last year of secondary school/sixth form before off to university! It's kind of scary and whilst I can't wait for university, I'm not ready to leave home or my friends or the routine of school just yet. But ah well, I'm sure I'll be ready when the time comes! For now though, I wish you a nice rest of the week and a wonderful weekend! 

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