Friday, 27 July 2012

topshop alexy boots

I thought I'd do a quick post on a pair of boots that I bought literally just a couple of hours ago. I wasn't sure what I was going to post about today but I knew I wanted to do something so decided on this. I would've left them until a later time when I'd actually worn them but I want to pack them for my holiday on Monday so now will have to do.

I went to TopShop with the intention of only buying a dipped hem maxi skirt and a £45 pair of boots but I didn't buy either of these. Unfortunately the skirt didn't suit me (i really wished it had as i'm longing for one) so I opted for a full maxi skirt instead. I saw a dip dyed one but went for a plain black one instead. I wasn't entirely certain on the maxi skirt as they accentuate my hips a lot (not a good thing) but I quite liked this one. Then, the shoes I wanted weren't available in my size but it didn't matter as I found a much nicer pair instead. A pair I have been lusting after for a very long time.

They are the ALEXY boots and they have a bigger heel than I would normally go for on boots but are relatively comfortable so can't wait to wear them on holiday!

I've just worked out how to do self timer on my camera so hope these pictures are okay. I decided to get these because a while back I was lusting after a pair of boots that were all over the blogging world (pretty sure I first saw them on Lily's blog) but never got round to buying a pair. Anyway, these are pretty similar and I think I like them even more. Not entirely sure how they'll do for long periods of time (i.e. whether my feet will hurt) but fingers crossed it'll be alright.

Here's a link to them on the website and whilst they are pretty expensive (not for topshop to be honest...), I recommend them to all! Really like the tan version as well so they may make their way into my wardrobe one day...

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  1. I bought them too they are really comfortable and chic :)

    I just found your blog and I loved it!

    If you would like to see mine :

    Have fun :)


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