Wednesday, 4 April 2012

march 2012 glossybox

The payment for the April Glossybox was taken yesterday so that post should be coming in the near future but for now I give you the March Glossybox! I'm not going to lie, this was one of the most exciting boxes I've received yet! There was a lot of mystery surrounding it, with Glossybox being very secretive and the ambassadors allowed to attend an event to check it out earlier than everyone else. As a result, pictures were released on Twitter and Tumblr so of course, I checked them out and the mystery was spoiled. I was not disappointed, however, and was still excited when it arrived at my house! Like the December Glossybox (which was red) and the January Glossybox (which was hot pink), the March Glossybox was white and themed. Last month we got treated to the wonderful Harrods edition.

Now, I don't think I have heard of Narciso Rodriguez before so it was nice to get a product from a new brand in this box (as i've heard of all the others). The sample is tiny but I'm quite glad as I'm really uncertain on the scent. It's extremely (this could be an understatement) strong upon a first spray so I have to waft my hand (and blow on it) to bring the smell down. I can still smell it now and whilst it's not unpleasant, I don't think it's the typical perfume I would usually go for. I can't put my finger on what it smells like and the box doesn't say what it contains which is annoying. It reminds me of my mum and/or grandma which is interesting and I'm going to ask my mum tomorrow morning what she thinks of it.

One of my oldest friends bought me a big gift bag of Molton Brown products a few years ago and they still have to be used (assuming they are still in my wardrobe...) so seeing this bath and shower gel in my box has reminded me that they are, in fact, still there. Having this product last month will now hopefully encourage me to use up all the other ones my friend gave me. The smell, 'heavenly gingerlily' is not something I would usually go for but I like it. It's very... fresh? It reminds me of 'cleanness' and fresh clothes and things... Gosh, I really need to work on my describing skills. Overall, I'd say I'm happy with this and I'm looking forward to using it! I shall also keep you updated on whether or not I do finally use my other Molton Brown products.

Now who hasn't heard of YSL? And who doesn't long for one of their products? Luckily, I got the chance to try one out. I have yet to work out how to open the bottle and therefore test it out but when I do I'm sure I'll love it. YSL are always praised for their products and not wanting to be a sheep, I'm quite excited to try out the much loved beauty brand. The only problem is that I got the Forever Youth Liberator Serum and as I'm only 17 so it's not really something I'm looking for but ah well, it's never too early to start worrying about wrinkles!

Now, for the most exciting thing I got in last month's box! A Burberry lipstick! I'm not a big fan of the typical Burberry clothing (i think it's got quite 'chavvy' over the years...) but I'm loving their make up! I got the colour 'Copper No202' and it's wonderful! I've not got a colour like it and by doing a small swatch on my hand I know I'm going to want a full size lipstick soon. It's very glossy and moisturising and looks like a lipgloss. I like the packaging as well as I think it's very simple. Damn you Glossybox for making me lust after expensive beauty products!

And finally, something from Clarins. This is another well acclaimed product in the beauty industry and I remember years ago reading in a magazine about firming creams and lotions but never thinking of trying them out. As I'm going on holiday in less than two months, I don't think this product could have come at a better time! I'm willing to try anything that says it will tone my horrible parts!

Just an end note, I sprayed the Narciso Rodriguez perfume on my hand at the start of the post and now it's left a horrible, stale sort of smell that makes me want to wash it off my hand immediately. I'm not sure whether I'm going to like it now...

So I hope you liked my two Glossybox posts theses past two days, even if they have been really late! I'm off  to bed now as I am absolutely shattered but I shall be back tomorrow with another post! I think I'm going to do it on some Leighton Denny nail polish I got in a past Glossybox or on my latest Latest In Beauty box! And, finally, if anybody was wondering, I passed my Theory Test this morning which I am extremely happy about! I think I've just got to book a driving lesson with my instructor now and then hopefully he'll book my practical!

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